City of Crossroads

The City of Crossroads, also known simply as Crossroads to residents of the continent, is the Holy City and capital of the continent.

It resides on top of an earth mote floating over the center of the Great Scar. At the edge of each corner of the center of the scar, are the entry ways for merchants, travelers, and pilgrims to enter by foot. Other methods of entrance are by boat underneath the floating city in the rivers of the great scar, using the magical elevators near the docks. Another common method is to secure transport on an airship and land at the many airship docks of the city. There is also a series of teleportation circles and planar gates set up for convenience of travelers, although they are very well guarded and have thorough security checks restricting access to only those licensed to do so.

The city, by its very nature, is separated into four sections:

  • The Outer Roads
  • The Middle Roads
  • The Inner Roads
  • The Central Court

Adventurers seeking to carry weapons openly in the city must obtain an adventurers license from Fineman and Shenkles, which can be found throughout the continent. If upon first arrival, or during the waiting period, adventurers must leave weapons at security checkpoints located at each entrance to Crossroads.

City of Crossroads

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