The Old Man

Upon entering the inscence drenched room, you spot a man in his late life sifting around in a book, he looks up as you enter and recognizes your faces, as if he has always known you would arrive at this precise moment...


The contractor of trades and the inventor of the oddities, the Old Man has lived a long time and has forgotten his name.

He travels in a gargantuan snapping turtle wearing a fez, his small hut attached to its back. On occasion it has been known to fly and change shape.

It is apparent within minutes that the Old Man is one screw short of stable, but he means well and at times can be of good help. If the client is unlucky, he is a great burden on the sanity of those around him.

He enjoys collecting fine gourmet foods and hoards them long after they have expired.

There is one thing to note, the Old Man fears a hanging painting in his hut of a spiral staircase and landing.

He has been known to mutter on that he lost his name there and that is where he grew old.

He has been known to state that he has four children, when there has been only evidence of three.

If adventurers have earned his ire, or worse his admiration, he has been know to hound them as their only source of magical items, to comedic relief.

The Old Man

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